Friday, August 7, 2009

Not Back to School Blog Hop: Curriculum Week

Darcy at my 3 boybarians is hosting a blog hop this week. Hop on over there to see what other homeschool mom's have planned for this year.

Here are my plans for the 2009/2010 school year. I really love Charlotte Mason's approach to education. You can read about her here. I have attached a link to all of the books.

For Family Time: History, Science, Literature, Bible, and Character Training we will be using Konos Volume 1 Unit Studies and going to a co op every Tuesday with about 10 other families.
The Units we will be doing this year are:

For the orderliness character trait we will be studying: Counting/Measuring/Calendars/Seasons/Planets/Moons
Animal Classification
Rock Classification
Plant Classification

For the Obedience character trait we will be studying:
Kings and Queens

For attentiveness and Patience we will be studying:

For Stewardship we will be studying:

We will be using a lot of library books and doing a ton of hands on activities with each unit and we also have a field trip planned for each unit. I'm really excited to get the co op started! It will be a lot of work but I think it will be so much fun for all of us!

For P.E. we will be going to Athlete's In Training which is a homeschool P.E. class every Friday morning.

Hymn Study: "Hymns for a kids Heart" working on each hymn for a few weeks.

Composer/Artist study: Learning about a new composer and Artist every 6 weeks using the library as a resource.

Italian: possibly Rosetta Stone, not sure yet.

Shakespeare: Reading "A Midsummer's Night's Dream" and "Twelfth Knight" by "Shakespeare Can Be Fun!"

Art: Artistic Pursuits

Nature walks and nature journaling.

In the evenings Daddy is reading through the "Youth with a Mission" series "Christian Heroes:Then and Now" out loud to us. We are reading "Gladys Aylward" right now.

Now for each child's curriculum for the year.

Michaela age 3/4
lots of reading time on Mommy's lap.
learning letters and numbers.
Beginning to print.
Lots of painting, play doh, and messy crafts.
And I'm sure she'll be getting into plenty of mischief while I'm working with her brother and sister...

Marina age 5/6 1st grade:

Language Lessons for Little Ones Volume 3 and Copy work for Little Girls

Explode the Code 2,3,4 Online

Math U See Alpha

A Reason For Handwriting B

Bible: Scripture memory and reading out of her children's bible.

Girls swimming and art club once a week

Julio age 8/9 3rd grade:

Language Lessons for the Very Young Volume 2 and Copywork for Little Boys

Learning Spelling through Copywork A

Pictures in Cursive A

Math U See Gamma and moving to Delta mid year

Bible: "Discover 4 Yourself" inductive bible study for kids and scripture memory.

Boys Lego club once a week and, Lord willing, piano lessons.

WOW! That seems like a lot when it's all written out like that! I won't be doing every subject every day so my schedule really isn't that crazy. Some things are only once a week and some subjects only take 10-15 minutes. You'd be surprised how much a child can learn in just 10 minutes a day if it's done consistently and one on one!

I hope you enjoyed reading what our plans are for this year. I'm looking forward to a blessed year with my blessings!

In Christ,