Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My first blog award!

My sweet friend, Kecia, in Brazil has nominated me for an "I love your blog" award. Isn't that so sweet! I am honored! I know I'm a dork, but this blogging stuff is so fun!! Anyways, I'm supposed to nominate 7 people to receive this award and list 7 weird things about me. Well, I don't even know 7 people with blogs. My friends have not joined the blogging community yet. And the bloggers that I do follow are extremely popular and busy so I'm sure they wouldn't have time to do this. So, I'll just list my 7 things and send the award on to the very few blogging friends that I have.
I don't even know how to link to my friend's blog's without showing the whole link. So here you go...
And now for 7 weird things about me...
1. I don't like my foods to touch on my plate.
2. I have to eat my meat with some kind of veggie like potatoes or whatever. I do not like to eat meat by itself.
3. I cannot drink coffee after it has been in the pot for more than 20 minutes. Can you tell that I am a high maintenance eater yet...
4. I am constantly chewing on my cuticles and it drives me crazy!!
5. This is a really weird one...The pointer finger on my right hand has a life of it's own. If you watch it for a few minutes it will start moving and it is usually tracing some letters or numbers that I have just seen. I know it's weird, but I don't even know it's doing it. My husband always teases me and starts tracing words in the air with his finger. I'm actually getting arthritis in it. The phantom finger....
6. I am a perpetual procrastinator! I work better under pressure.
7. I am scared to take a walk by myself because a mountain lion or coyote might attack me! hey, I live in the dessert so it is possible!!
Thanks again Kecia!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I hate to see you go...

We had house guests this past weekend. Our dear friends, Stephen and Gracie, are relocating to Virginia so they stayed with us for a few days while the movers emptied out their house. They were busy packing their house up during the day but we got to spend some time together in the evenings. We played a mean game of sequence (girls rule!) watched some old episodes of King of Queens, went to little Julio's baseball game,roasted marshmallows over the firepit and of course we ate a lot. I miss them already.... They were one of our first friends out here in AZ. I remember the first day I met them at church. They were so gracious and invited us over for lunch that same day. I thought they were the sweetest newlyweds ever and it was so nice of them to invite us over the first day we met. I know the Lord will bless them in Virginia but I will be missing them over here! And I will miss seeing little Clara's sweet smile on Sunday mornings....

I knit Clara a little hat. I made Gracie a matching one and Stephen got a manly navy blue hat. Isn't she the sweetest!

I got to babysit her for a few hours yesterday. She was getting hungry at this point so she looks a little concerned in this picture. She was probably wondering "is my mama ever coming back or am I gonna be stuck with this crazy lady?"

On another note.... We had a little excitement in the garage Monday night! Julio found a scorpion in the garage and squashed it with a shoe. It was no ordinary scorpion. It was the mother of all scorpions!! It was huge!!

To give you an idea of how big it was, here is a picture of it next to my husbands hand.

It was dusk and we were all playing in the front yard. Julio was walking through the garage barefoot when he saw it. Michaela and I had just been through there a minute before and Michaela was barefoot too!!! I'm so glad he saw it and nobody got stung!!! No more barefeet in the dark garage!!!!!!

Love you all,