Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Hey Everyone,

I had an awesome time in Cornville, Arizona! ( I can't help saying that without a little southern drawl...) I learned a lot and I made some great new friends. We laughed, we cried, and then we laughed so hard that we cried again! I kept my roomates entertained with stories about my dad and our crazy family, all of you back home know what I'm talking about. The grounds of the retreat center were really beautiful! So lush and green, with lots of willow trees a pond and even a little creek. I felt like I was back home in Michigan, I loved it!

The ladies who ran the retreat did a great job. The speakers were truly genuine and they had such a burden to reach people with the word of God and to teach everyone how to study the word for themselves. I was really convicted! I have been saved for over 13 years and haven't even cracked what the Lord has waiting for me in His holy word! I came home with a hunger to dig in and study my bible and to teach my kids how to study. If you have never been to a precept bible study, I encourage you to find a group near you or start one yourself. You can go to http://www.precept.org/ for information and resources.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of my weekend. I love you all!

Miss you,


It was so great to see a willow tree! I used to play under and in them all of the time as a kid. I really miss them.

That's me, my new friend Heidi and my neighbor Kim.

Heidi and me laying under a big tree, ahhh heaven!!

Me and Janna Arndt who is the author of the "Discover 4 Yourself" series for children. She was one of the main speakers. She is so great and sweet and is from one of my favorite states, Tennessee.

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doreanna said...

What beautiful secnery! I wish I could have seen thosse pretty tress in person! Glad you had fun!