Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Poor Marina!

Hello All,

Well we had an interesting night! Julio was working late and I was just getting the kids ready for bed when all of a sudden I heard a thud and Marina crying. I knew that she had hit her head on the countertop in the kitchen ( like she has done about 10 times this year) but I didn't panic until I saw blood running down her hand!! She must have hit the corner just right because above her right eyebrow she had a one inch gaping wound! I didn't know what to do because it was 8pm and I was all alone with the kids so I called Julio crying. Poor guy, he probably felt so helpless because I just told him that Marina had a huge cut on her forehead and to meet me at the ER. I called a few of my neighbors to see if someone could help me with the kids but no one was home so I just put the kids in the car and went to the hospital. I had calmed down by then and Marina was holding the wound closed with a washcloth. I called Julio on the way to let him know that we were OK and that I had all of the kids with me. We spent a couple of hours in the children's ER and Marina got about 6 stitches. Except for the fact that we were still on Michigan time and Michaela fell off a chair and was bleeding because she bit her lip, the kids did great.

To top off the night Julio told me that while he was rushing out of work he bent down to get his cell phone (while he was driving) and when he looked up he saw a telephone pole right in front of him! He swerved and blew out a tire. He was right by his office so he went back and took one of his coworkers trucks. He didn't know how bad the damage was until this morning. He blew both of his tires and totally trashed his rims!! His friend had to have someone else drive him home. Thank goodness he didn't crash into that pole or I would've seen and ambulance pull up instead of his truck!

Well, all is well now. Marina is fine. She will probably have a scar on her pretty face. I'm so thankful that she didn't hit her eye. Here are some pictures of our day.

My little princesses playing dress up. Michaela got this outfit for her 2nd bday and Marina was so happy when she got a matching one for her bday.

The little mommies tending to their baby.

Then they decided to tie their baby up and pretend they were witches instead of princesses.

My poor baby!! It looks great in this picture compared to what it looked like when it first happened. When little Julio saw it he said "I can see all the way to her heart!"

They were really nice to her at the hospital. She got this cute polar bear and a book for being such a good patient.

Love ya,


Stephen and Gracie said...

Oh, poor Marina!!!! No fun! And how scary for you Marilena! Sounds like quite the night! Thank You LORD that everyone is ok now!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Marina didn't hit her eye! It is so scary when they get that close. Seeing this brought back the memory of going up to see Daniel get his stitches! :) Thankfully the Lord watches over our families.

Love and miss you all.

Stefania said...

*Sending hugs to Marina and the rest of you*

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry thar Marina and you guys had to go through such a stressful evening. Thank God was with all of you every step of the way, it could have been alot worse.

Tell Marina that I had to get stiches four times when I was younger. I guess I kept my mom and dad on their toes.

We miss you!!!!!!
ZiZi Diana

doreanna said...

Oh Gosh,

Poor little Marina! I hope you are feeling all better now. And Marina and Michela are the cutiest little witches I've ever seen! I hade so much fun with you guys when you can and miss you all so much later on today I think I iwill give you a call. Feel Better everyone and Babay Booboo stay out of trouble LOL!!!!


Kecia said...

Hi!My name is Kecia and i'm from Brazil...
Saw your blog,and well...I loved it!
So,hope we could be friends!
Your kids are so cute!! I am praying for you and your family!
God bless you!

Kecia said...

I know we will becomw very good friends... Even if will be from a distance!! But for the Lord no place is to far!!!
Love you in CHRIST!!!