Saturday, September 27, 2008

Back to school again and "Family Fun Night"

Hi All,

What a week! We had so much fun getting back into school after our little hiatus in Michigan. We've been co-opping for history and science with our neighbors so we have spent a lot of time at their house this week. Next week I will be teaching so we'll have the kids at our house.

We also had our first themed family fun night last night. The theme was " Fun at the Fair." We all had a blast. We decorated the house and ate "fair food" for dinner. We did some face painting, played games, and listened to bluegrass music. It was so fun that I'm going to try to do a different theme every week.

I have lots of pictures to share so enjoy!!

Here are the kids in their "hideaway." We are learning about the first people and talked about Nomads and how they traveled around and lived in tents or caves. I let them paint some hieroglyphics in their cave. They loved it.

Doing a science experiment.

Practicing their observation skills. That's an egg. They loved touching it.

We took a field trip to Petco.

After we looked at all of the animals and talked a little about them, they each had to pick one to draw in their science journals. Marina picked the ferrit.

I thought her drawing was hilarious. I thought it was also pretty cool how she drew it coming out of it's play toy.

Julio picked the boa constrictor.

All of the kids outside of Petco.

We learned about the tower of Babel. Here is Julio building the tower out of his blocks.

Notice all of his Lego guys.

And, of course, Indiana Jones is at the top.

The best part was knocking it down!

Practicing cuniform writing.

Here's a close up of Marina's.

They made sugared dates just like the Assyrians used to eat.

More science! Learning about color mixing and what happens when you mix oil and water. Then they got to drop alca seltzer tablets in their test tubes and watch them fizz over.

We made slime!! The kids loved it! Julio said "this is my dream"

So yukky but so fun!

Family Fun Night at the Fair!!

We ate corn dogs, corn on the cob, french fries, watermelon and of course some lemonade to wash all of that healthy goodness down!

These are cupakes. Pretty cute, huh?

Face painting.

Daddy just had to paint Mommy's face....

What do you think? Am I ready for a night at the casino?! I don't know what he was thinking!

Then I got a hold of him and turned him into "Super Dad" We make a handsome couple, don't we?

Cupcake eating contest.

Daddy won!!

We also had a race while hopping in pillowcases(little Julio won) and we had a coin toss(more like a mess of coins all over the kitchen floor) and we did some crazy dancing to bluegrass music.

And nothing like topping the night off with some suckers!

It was a great success. We can't wait until next week. We'll be spending the week on Egypt and I'm thinking our theme for family fun night might just have an egyptian theme. Stay tuned...

Whew! I didn't realize how much we did this week until I looked at all of the pictures. By the way, we did fit in reading, grammer, math, and bible during all of that fun.
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Stephen and Gracie said...

Wow Mar!!! You are way too creative!! Way to go!!! What super memories! I'm going to have to take lessons!


doreanna said...

Seems like you all get to have fun while learing thats the way to do it! Little Julio I love your tower with little lego men it reminds me of the game you me and Donny played with the legos while you were here. hope all is well talk to you soon! MISS YOU!!

Kecia said...

WOW!!Yo've just gave me a great idea!!
Thank you!!
You are a very criative person!!
Love you in Christ!!

La Familia Garcia said...

I love the play-house! Your family is precious!