Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Week in Egypt!

What a fun week! Ancient Egypt is so fascinating. The kids just loved learning about all of the strange customs and they had so many questions. It was really cool to be able to teach them why and how mummies were made and to ask them if what the Egyptians were doing was pleasing to God. We talked about when the Israelites came to Egypt and then how they came to be slaves to the Egyptians. They knew all of the answers when it came to Moses and the exodus. To top off the week we had an Egyptian feast at our house. We all dressed up, except for Kim(party pooper) and my husband even let me put make up on him. Here are some pictures.

We wrapped Julio up like a mummy.

A fun craft that we did. When you open one side...

the pyramid is filled with pictures from the kids life. Just like a real pyramid is full of pictures and artifacts from the pharoah's life who is buried in it.

Here's our hideaway. It was too small for the kids to fit into so we they used their lego guys and polly pockets to mummify and put inside.

this is a close up of their mini mummies. The pharoah was Indiana Jones and of course his pets and his horse were mummified along with him. He also needed food, furniture and toys to take with him into the afterlife.

An evening in Egypt!

Of course, I was Cleopatra.

Here is my king, or maybe it's just one of my many "man friends";)

He looks a little too pretty with that eye makeup on!

The three amigos, or should I say egyptians.

We had baklava and I made caramel stuffed walnuts from Cleopatra. Legend has it that she would give them to her "man friends" for energy.

The men awaiting their feast.

We ate shish kebab, hummus, tabouleh, falafel, cous cous, ful madammah, yogurt cucumber salad with mint and potato salad with lemon and olive oil. It was all really yummy!!

The men relaxing after the feast. They were waiting for us to fan them and feed them grapes......never happened.

The kids watched "Prince of Egypt"

Julio and Marina are asleep on the couch and Michaela is still going strong, dancing on the table!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Next week we're going to have a Chinese New Year party. Stay tuned...
Love ya,

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doreanna said...


Wow you guys get so creative with school that's really cool and a fun way to laern I love reading aobut oyur weeks please keep posting more pictures and stories I NEVER get tired of any of them

Have a good Week