Monday, October 20, 2008

Babysitting, China, and The Zoo!

Wow, I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I've posted! Life just flies by too fast. Anyways, we've been busy with our studies and lots of other fun stuff. I haven't been taking as many pictures but here are a few from the past two weeks.

We had the priviledge of babysitting our sweet little friend Clara. The girls loved having her over and they hardly left her side. She is moving away to Virginia, along with her mommy and daddy better known as Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Gracie. We are going to miss them so much!!!

What a cutie!

When she got fussy Julio walked her around the house. That didn't work very well so I took her outside for about a 2 hour walk! She was quiet the whole time.

We studied ancient China for a week. The kids made these paper dragons.

We celebrated the end of the week with a chinese new year party. The Chinese give their
children these red envelopes with money in them. These were Marina and Michaela's. The symbols each mean something. I forgot what Marina's was but Michaela's means fun.

The kids ate with chopsticks.

Michaela tried so hard to use them...

She finally just used her fingers along with the chopsticks.

Last week we took a field trip to the zoo.

They're supposed to be posing like flamingo's.

Nikky and Michaela.

Marina and her girlfriend's, hannah and Sarah.

On the train ride

There was a petting zoo and Michaela loved this little deer.

She chased the poor thing around the whole place.

There she goes...

Michaela and I in the parrot feeding area. I was a little freaked out with that parrot on my arm...

Sarah and Michaela waiting for our turn on the boat ride.

On the boat ride.

Michaela has hit a couple of milestones over the past 2 weeks. We finally took away her choochi's (pacifiers) and now she is in a big girl bed! We've had a few rough nights with each transition but finally last night she slept through the whole night. Yeah!!!!

Julio started baseball again. This was right before his first game. Isn't he so cute in his uniform? The team is called the Clearwater Threshers and there is a shark on his hat, pretty cool huh?

Well, that's pretty much what we've been up to around here. This week we are studying Greece along with going to 2 bible studies, a field trip to the State Fair, Wednesday night at church, baseball practice and 2 games, a fall festival and a Canadian Thanksgiving party. Whew! I'm tired already!!
Love you all!!


doreanna said...


Looks like everyone is having fun. I love seeing pictures. Cool new bed Michela SO CUTE! I miss you all so much I hope you have a GREAT week!


Kecia said...

Cute pics from the zoo!!