Thursday, June 18, 2009

A new place to call home....well, for a little while.

We've had a lot going on around here for the past few months. At the beginning of May we found out that we had to be out of our house by the end of the month. Julio was still not working full time and we had no $ to put down on a rental so we were a little bit nervous...But the Lord moved His mighty hand and we are all settled in a very nice 3 bedroom house in Scottsdale! A dear friend of ours from church is visiting her sick mother in Canada for a couple of months so we are staying in her rental house while she is away. It has worked out perfectly and we are very grateful! God's provision has been amazing over the last couple of months!! I am just awestruck by the generosity of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We have been able to keep up with our bills and feed our family and we've even been gifted a couple of date nights!

Julio has been working with our old next door neighbors and our very best friends here in AZ. They own a pool business and Julio has been trying to get them some commercial accounts and he has also been doing pool maintenance for them. They just landed a big job here in Scottsdale which will keep us afloat for a couple of months.
We are still not sure what the Lord has in store for us in the near future but it seems like work is starting to pick up for Julio and we might be able to stay. We are very torn about staying here or returning to Michigan. We really miss our family(especially now that my sister had a beautiful baby girl yesterday!!!! Her name is Natalia and I am dying to squeeze her) But we really feel like there is more opportunity here than in Michigan.
Please continue to pray for our situation. We are really asking for God's clear guidance on where we are to go.
Here are some pictures for you. I have a ton from the past few months but I don't have time to post them all.
My parents and my Aunt and Uncle from Italy came to visit us in April. We took a road trip and here we are in Sedona.

My Aunt and my mom at the Grand Canyon.

The kids looking at dolphins at the Secret Garden Zoo in Las Vegas.

Our fishing trip....

Julio and I took the kids to Southwest Bible Camp for the woman's conference in New Mexico. This is us in the Catwalk.

We went to White Sands in New Mexico and it was Awesome!!

Love you all,



Stefania said...

Yay! I'm glad you updated. I still check almost everyday. I'm glad to hear you have things figured out at least for a couple months and I pray by then you will have a clear answer. Love you and miss you all!

Kim Green said...

I'm wondering why you called us your "old" next door neighbors? The age jokes just gotta go! ; )

hey said...

Me too I'm so glad I check a lot too because I don't have a facebook :( Thanks for updating I'm praying for you! p.s the kids are so big!