Friday, January 30, 2009

No news yet... just some pictures for you.

Hello Everyone,

No news yet on the job front except for some contract work up in Flagstaff. Julio has a 6 week contract and he is 3 weeks into it. He is there about 3 times a week and we are very grateful for the money coming in. He hasn't gotten any calls for interviews and he has his resume out all over the country. Please continue to pray that he will get some interviews soon!

We have been doing a lot of fun stuff lately! I have a bunch of pictures that I want to share with you but no time to upload them all so I'll just start you off with a few from the Phoenix children's museum. Enjoy!

Here' s Michaela after she got done painting the play house in the arts and crafts room...I love the guilty look on her face.

and here's Marina AFTER I washed her hands!!

This was the best part of the museum, the noodle forest!! The kids just ran around in there like crazy people and I even took a turn running through it.

Making "play" pizza's in the brick oven.

playing in the kitchen.

grocery shopping.

Playing on the front lawn of the museum.


washing windows with squeegie's. I gotta get me some of those for the kids to play with. They loved it!

The trees out front were filled with these bird houses and I thought it was adorable! I wish I had a tree in my yard....

sitting on the front steps. Marina was already inside running around with her little friends.

This thing was really cool. The kids would put a scarf in one of the holes at the bottom and it would be sucked through the tubes and come flying out of the top. Loved it! (That's our little friend Hannah in the picture.)

I have a lot more pictures to share but I'm going to have to post them later. I know I haven't been a very good blogger lately and I will try to post more frequently...
Thanks for all of your prayers!
Love you,

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Doreanna said...

CUTE PICTURES!!!! That looks like a lot of fun. We keep praying for you every day!!!