Monday, January 26, 2009

Pray for us!

Wow! It's been awhile since I've posted! Sorry.... I've been putting all of my pictures on facebook and I haven't had time to keep up my blog. Well... a lot has been going on around our house. We had a wonderful, quiet, peaceful Christmas and then we got to take a nice vacation to Michigan to have Christmas all over again with our extended families. Unfortunately, when we got back to Phoenix, Julio got laid off.... he is searching for a new job right now and Lord willing he will find something soon! And to top things off, our landlord wants to put the house that we're living in up for sale so we have about 3 months to find a new home. Needless to say, we are under a little bit of stress....but surprisingly we both feel really at peace knowing that the Lord will take care of us and He knew our situation even before it happened and He has a plan for us.... it's just hard to wait....We've been through this before and we really saw the hand of God lead us to Arizona, we don't know if these new circumstances are going to lead us out of Arizona but wherever He leads we will follow. I feel like I'm just getting used to things around here and I really love all of my new friends. I would love to move closer to family but I would have liked a little more time here..... Julio asked me the other night if I would like to stay here or move closer to Michigan and I said I would really like the Lord to choose for me... so that's what my prayer has been, that the Lord will choose whatever job and location is best for our family at this point in our lives.

Please pray for us.... I'll be posting a ton of pictures very soon.

With love,


ZiZi LoLo said...

Dear Julio, Marilena and kids:

You are in our prayers. Of coarse, our selfish side wants you CLOSER to Michigan because we miss seeing you so much. But we believe that the Lord will put you and your family where you need to be according to HIS will and HIS purpose. I know the Lord led you to AZ to touch lives and to do the His work. Perhaps he has more work for you to do elsewhere. We will pray that Julio quickly finds a job and that the Lord will lead other new friends into your lives if you have to leave AZ (and maybe you can be a little more accesible to your MI family). May the Lord continue to bless you all. We enjoyed your visit so much and it was just a reminder of how blessed we are to have such a wonderful family. Love you all, miss you all...and we are PRAYING faithfully for you.

Love, ZiZi LoLo

Stephen and Gracie said...

Hi there Mar,

Now that I finally posted pictures... it's your turn!!!

How are things going for you all? We're thinking of you and praying for you. These times can be scary, but kind of exciting too! May the LORD Jesus richly bless and care for you and lead you beyond a shadow of a doubt!

I need to give you a call one day soon!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I"ll try to keep the pictures coming!

Love you,