Monday, December 15, 2008

Yee haw!!

We had a great weekend! We went to a Christmas party for little Julio's boy's club "Contenders for the faith" and they had a square dance caller there. It was so fun!! It was at our friend's pastor's home. They have a great backyard and it was a beautiful sunny day.

Marina wouldn't dance with anyone besides her daddy. She wouldn't switch partners when it was time and she was making it a little bit difficult for us. So she sat out for most of it...

here she is clinging to daddy's arm...

That's Julio and I at the end of the line.

Julio didn't like the partner dancing, but he got down during the line dancing!

he was concentrating on the steps so hard. See his little tongue sticking out.

That's me and the girls doing the boot scootin boogy!

Mr. Green getting his groove on!

Julio is pretending like he has his hands on his belt buckle.

Michaela just looking cute!

The kids love the great climbing trees!!

and chickens.

At the end all of the boys got certificates for completing the fall semester of Contenders.

Afterwards we had 2 families over for a barbecue. Fun, food, and fellowship, that's what weekends are all about!

hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Love you,



Kecia said...

What a fun Time!!Cool!!
Hey...HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope you guys had a fun NYE!!

Doreanna said...

HI!!!!!!!!!!!! I know we havent talked in a while but 5 days!!!!!! I'm setting up already for you guys o come over! Love the pictures seems like fun and warm you guys are in for some cold when you come here pack lots of sweater!!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND SEE YOU SO SOON!