Monday, December 1, 2008

It's been awhile...

We've had a rough couple of weeks around here. I was sick with a head cold for about 2 weeks and then this past Monday night all three of the kids got the stomach flu! We were all fine on Wednesday but Thursday morning I came down with the nasty bug too. Let's just say it was a very long day!! I couldn't wait for Julio to get home so I could just go to bed. This morning I feel like a new woman!! Lord willing we will get a ton of school work done and no one else will get sick!!

I have a bunch of pictures to share with you from November.

Julio's little league season ended on November 22nd. They were so cute!!

The girls made friends with all of the other players sisters. They looked forward to the games so they could play with their new friends.

Coach Doug gave each boy a medal and said some nice things about each one of them. It was really sweet.

We 've been potty training Michaela and it's going really well. She is beginning to tell me when she has to go. Yeah!! We've had a few interesting accidents along the way, like the time she climbed onto the counter to get a cup and peed...

My neighbor Kim and I took the kids on a field trip to the Challenger Space Center.
here are the boys listening to a story about the planets.

Marina dancing to a song about the planets.

My little astronauts.

The boys putting a puzzle together.

They made their own space suits.

Pretending to walk on the moon.

At the end of the class we all got to go in a rocket ship simulator and take a ride around the earth. It was really great and the kids loved it.

I just had to share this picture. I was making hard boiled eggs and I turned around to see Marina like this...

She said "Mommy, I'm sitting on my egg to see if it will hatch!"

It never did...

We went to Tucson for a church conference at the beginning of November. We stayed with a wonderful family who was very generous to open up their home to us. We had only met them one other time but it's so cool how the Lord brings people together and makes them family. No matter where I am in this world I will always have the body of Christ as my family.

This is the beautiful sunrise that we woke up to on Sunday morning.

Michael and Michaela at church. Isn't he the cutest with his little bible?!

Look at the mischeif just brewing in Michaela's eyes.

Julio got a roping lesson from Mark after chapel on Sunday.

Mark teaching the guys the correct technique. he grew up in Kansas and Montana, so he's got the whole cowboy thing down.

Marina had to join in on the fun.

Michael was torturing Michaela on his lawn mower. I had to get a picture in before I saved her. It was so funny!! If you click on the picture you can see it close up.

Well, that's all I have time for right now. I'll have to share Julio's birthday pictures later. I'll be sure to make it soon because I know you are all on the edge of your seats waiting for my next post. Just kidding! I wonder if anyone at all even reads this.... That's okay because I like to keep a journal of what we are doing and blogging is a great way to do it.

Love you,

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Stephen and Gracie said...

Of Course We Read It!!! And enjoy it too!!! Some how I missed the post before! Thanks for the pictures and news!!! Clara is "helping" me out right now! :-) I need to give you a call one of these days and catch up in person!

Love ya,