Monday, May 12, 2008


Today we released our butterflies. We got them as little caterpillars about a month ago. The kids and I really enjoyed watching them grow from tiny caterpillars to big fat ones and then we watched them form their chrysalis' and finally last Friday they emerged and were beautiful butterflies. We had 3 and their names are Flutter, Ashley and Lazarus. Julio named the last one Lazarus because when he came out we thought he was dead but the next day he was alive! He must have had some problems in his chrysalis because his wings were deformed and never fully opened up. The poor thing could walk around but it couldn't fly. We put some sugar water on a paper towel and put it on the floor of the house so he could crawl up to it and drink. I didn't know what to do. My neighbor Kim wouldn't let me put it out of it's misery so we put it in a little bug house with some food to let nature take it's course. Well, after we let his brother and sister go he only lasted a couple of hours. Marina was sad and she carried the bug house around for a while even after he died. She got over it pretty quick though. Anyways, it was a really cool learning experience for the kids and I'm glad we did it. It is just amazing to watch those ugly little creatures change before our eyes into such beautiful butterflies. It makes me think of how we will be changed in a twinkling of an eye when we get to heaven and we will no longer be burdened with this ugly sin nature and will be transformed into beautiful beings to worship our Lord for eternity!!

What an AWESOME GOD we serve!


These are the caterpillars after about 2 weeks.

This is when they formed their chrysalis'. Lazarus' chrysalis' was on the floor of the house and I didn't think he was going to emerge.

This is Flutter.

This is Lazarus in his house.

This is Lazarus. He is alive in this picture and you can see that his wings are all curled up.

This is when we opened up the house and were watching Flutter and Ashley fly away.

This is all three of them in their house. Lazurus is on the right.

Flutter and Ashley.

Our neighbors Braden and Jacob came to help us
let the butterflies go.

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Stefania said...

Hi there! I just saw your blog link on Facebook and decided to check it out. I'll definitely be adding it to my booksmarks! I love reading what you all are up to. It sounds like fun! I miss you and love you all so much. Please give the kids a kiss for me.