Saturday, May 10, 2008

These pictures go with the blog entry below. Sorry I'm new to this blogging thing!


Gracie said...

You did it! And you did a lot of work and put up a lot of stuff on your first day! Nice pictures!

Tracy said...

Mar - I love your new Blog! What a great way to keep us updated on your happiness. It sure is nice knowing that your new home brings many smiles to all of your faces. Love Always, Tracy

Doreanna said...

It's me Doreanna What a great idea I love the music and I love the pictures I miss you soo much 2 I told my mom we have to come and see you Hugs and kisses to you and the kids Happy Mothers Day

Angela said...

Welcome new blogger! I am so excited to have a new website to get addicted to! Love the photos of my babes! Talk to you soon.
Love Ang

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilena, Thanks for including me. I love the pictures. Everything looks great! I love getting updates. The kids have really grown!!! Love ya,

Lina Ruvolo said...

Just looking at the pictures, I wish I was there with you all!Miss our walks, talks , laughs, coffee and almond butter celery sticks!
Kids, ZiZi is waiting for more hugs and kisses when you come home to Michigan.
Julio, dont work too hard!
There is no excuse for us not to communicate now!
Stay happy.
Love Lina

kimsjunk22 said...

I feel so privileged to be your neighbor and get to see you and your family so often when I know that your family is just dying to get theirs hands on all of you. All you MI and FL relatives can rest assured knowing that the Phoenix Ruvolos have lots of people looking out for them and loving them dearly already. Your loss has been our blessing and we will make the most of the time that we have with them here. Although it WOULD be HARD to go back to snow and rain so maybe you all should move out HERE to the scorching heat, scorpions, and dust! On second thought, Grosse Pointe here I come! Love, the Greens (crazy neighbors next door)

Tiffany said...

Hey Marilyn, Everyone looks so happy. I love you all! Tiff