Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School!

We had our first day of school today! We had a great morning even though it didn't go quite as we had planned. The plan was for us to work on Bible, Math, and Language in the morning and then our neighbors were going to come over around 10:30 to do History and Science with us. We are doing a really cool world history program called "Hideaways in History". Each week we build a "hideaway" ( a cardboard box) that goes along with whatever time period we are learning about. Well, our neighbors are sick =( and it doesn't look like they will be better for a while so we decided to wait until we get back from our trip to start history and science. The kids were disappointed but we went ahead and started on the rest of our lessons. Here are some pics from our day.

I got them each a little back to school gift. Michaela thought she was pretty cool with her new pencil and stickers.

Here they are hard at work. Actually, Julio is doing his math and the girls are just coloring. I couldn't believe how much he remembered after taking 2 months off. I thought for sure I would have to do a ton of review.

Michaela just giving her sister some love.

And her brother too.

Awww, aren't they sweet?!

Enjoying their back to school celebration cake that our neighbors made. We were supposed to have a pizza party for lunch but we had to celebrate without them.

All in all we had a nice first day. I love my kids and I feel blessed to be able to stay home and share in all of these little moments with them.
Have a great day!
Love ya,


Kim Green said...

Those awful, germ-infested neighbors. What? They're mine? No! We are SO SAD that we missed our "back to school" day with you all. Our day was math, reading and cave building. And watching Prince of Eqypt. Health class was a trip to the doctor for Nicklaus. Sigh. We are hoping to get better soon and have school together as soon as possible. With love, the germy neighbors

Angela said...

Hey everyone, Welcome back to school! Soo fun. I want a nice big copy of the photo of all 3 of them. Emilio and I are going to give them a huge SQUEEZE when we see them just like Michaela did.(Ha Ha).
Miss and Love you guys, Zizi Ang

doreanna said...

How cute! I Love thesse pics. And tell the kids not to feel bad because I start school in 11 days!! I'm not happy for that but It's ok!