Friday, August 15, 2008

First Week of School Down!

Hi Everyone!

I knit my first hat last night! I was so excited. I think it came out pretty cute. What do you think? I knit it while the kids were watching a movie. But enough about me......

We finished our first week of school, Yay!! Here are the kids doing a science experiment with their dad. They're trying to break an egg by squeezing it.

This is how we stayed cool in the afternoons. It's been over 100 degrees for a couple of months now! If you look at the front of the picture you can see the hose rigged up to the fire pit.

Michaela is wearing a jumper that I actually wore when I was little. She looks so sweet and innocent here doesn't she?? But......
This is how she really is!! That's lotion all over her face! and all over the outlet cover, and the countertop and.... well you get the picture. I guess she was working on her science too, "how many pumps will it take to empty this bottle?" or " what will this lotion feel like in my eyes" She learned that one pretty quick, ouch ! I'm hoping that she'll remember the stinging and think twice before trying that again, but I'm guessing she won't!

This is what she does when I try to fold clothes. Those are her shorts on her head.

Daddy and the kids playing dominoes.

Julio reading a bedtime story to the girls.

We had a lot of fun but I'm so glad it's Friday!! Little Julio went to the movies with one of his buddies to see the new Star Wars movie, so it's just me and the girls right now. When I finish posting I think we'll do something girlie together.
We are all really excited to be coming home to Michigan soon! 11 days to go!!

Love ya,


ZiZi Loredana said...

Hope that you all have a great school year.

Can't wait till you get to MI.

Love, ZiZi LoLo

doreanna said...

1 MORE WEEK!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!! Can't wait I'm countin the days. Everyone is getting so big! I can't wait 2 see for myself LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH


Angela said...

Hi Everyone, Michaela is so funny with all of her antics. She for sure takes after her fathers side (ha ha)! The has looks great! Your gonna need it in those 80 degree winters you guys get in Arizona. Brrrrr!!! Can't wait till next week to see you guys.
Love, ZiZi Ang

Anonymous said...

Good job on the knitting, the hat looks cute on you. Wow I noticed, Marilena you got your hair cut. It looks very nice. The kids are as cute as ever and I love the way Michaela's hair is growing out.....See all of you soon!! Love Mom