Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nature Walking

We went on a nature walk today. The kids made nature journals and then we headed outside. I told them that whenever they saw something interesting in nature to draw it with as much detail as they could. They used pencils and then colored their drawings when we got home. We had a ball! Here are some pictures.

Here's a better look at the covers.

The difference between boys and girls. Julio drew every bug that he saw and Marina drew all the pretty flowers. They were so cute! Whenever they saw something they would yell "Nature" and sit down and draw it.

Can you guess what this is??? Yes.... it's poop. Julio drew it and I guess he's right, it is nature...

Well, that's it for our nature walk. I'm going to try to do that with them a few times a week. I can't wait until the weather gets cooler and we can spend more time exploring! Here are some other pictures I thought you would enjoy.

Michaela with a glue stick. She said "Look Mommy, I have makeup!"

The other day we were in the front room and the kids started yelling " There's a horse outside" and when I looked, sure enough there was a horse right in front of our house. Our neighbor, Jackie, got a horse!! We ran outside and she let Julio take a ride but the girls chickened out. Isn't he beautiful!!

Julio was so excited to ride him without a saddle. He just held on tight to his mane. I loved the sound his shoes made on the pavement. It was pretty cool to have a horse in our front yard!

And of course I have to share a little more knitting with you. Here is a cell phone holder I made the other day. I've been working on another hat and now I have to start all over because Michaela got a hold of it and took almost the whole thing apart!

6 more days until our Michigan trip!!
Love ya,


Doreanna said...

Very cute!
And aswome jorunals kids! I'm glad yo see you all are having fun learing! nice cell Phone Holder Mar! CAN"T WAIT TIL U COME


Michal Ann said...

I just read your comment to Sponberg's. You have such a pretty name and a beautiful family. It's good to know that you are committed to them and to the Body of Christ. Have a wonderful trip!

Living in His Light, Michal

Katie Q said...

I just read through a bunch of your entries and loved every second of it... Your kids are getting so big!!! I miss you guys alot and am keeping you in my prayers :)

Katie Q