Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kids and creativity

Just an interesting lecture on children and creativity.

I have been thinking a lot about what he has to say about squandering our kids creativity in order to teach them "the basics". Not that I think math and language are not important, but I want to pay more attention to my kids and to what they are interested in and I want to give them the space to let their creative juices flow!

Don't worry, I will be teaching my kids the three R's but there will probably be much paint, yarn, and mess in between the reading, writing, and rithmatic!

If any of you are interested in some neat ideas for being creative with your kids you should check out this blog http://www.soulemama.com/ and her book is great too, "The Creative Family" I love reading her stuff and as many of you know Julio and I love Maine which is where she lives, so I just love looking at her pictures =)

love ya,


dibrazil said...

Hi Marilena,

I love all the pics. I didn't know you were so good at face painting. We had Lina and Sonia do face painting at the grad party. They did a great job! Hopefully, you can be here when Anthony graduates and I'll have you do the face painting. So keep practicing. We really miss you guys. I can't wait to see you again. I hope Frankie gave you the video. Let me know what you think.
Give big kisses to everyone from me:)
ZiZi Diana

Stephen and Gracie said...

Hi Mar,

Just listened to the lecture! Interesting! And what a funny guy! Thanks for posting the link!