Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our week with Nonna, ZiZi and Emilio

It's been a while since I've posted. My mom, sister and nephew just left on Monday, they were here for 11 days. We had a lot of fun and I miss them already, especially little Emilio!! He is the cutest thing. He learned something new everyday that he was here. He is 17 months old and it is amazing to see how much they learn at that age. I forgot already and Michaela is only 2! Anyways, I thought I'd post some pictures of our week. My sister has a lot better pictures in her camera, but I forgot to download them before she left.

Ang and Mom, I hope you guys had a good time. We miss you!!

We took a trip to Sedona

Me and Julio

In front of the church that was built into the rocks. It's so beautiful there!

Our little guys. Aren't they adorable!! Emilio looks bigger than Julio, but he's really not.

Playing in the fountain. Of course, Michaela looks like she is about to fall in! She's always doing something to make my heart stop.

Emilio's cute smile.

Marina making gnocchi with Nonna.

little hands hard at work.

Nonna in the kitchen, where else?!

Beautiful, perfect gnocchi!

OOPS! I forgot to rotate this pic. It's of the kids at VBS.

Last day at VBS. They had a parents night where the kids sang there songs for us and we watched a video of the week. It was so cute! This year's theme was "Power Lab" and learning about the power of God. It was a science theme so they did some experiments and fun crafts. The kids had a blast!

That's Marina in the middle with the orange shirt. There were over 500 kids this year!

After the meeting we took a little hike up to the cross at the top of a hill next to the church. Michaela was so proud of herself as she walked up the hill all by herself.

walking back down the hill.
It's so nice to have visitors. The house seems so empty now. It's always sad to see our family leave so I'm trying to keep my mind off of it by cleaning out our playroom. I filled up 8 garbage bags of toys to give away!!! I don't know where it all comes from but I know where it's going. The kids were happy to give away their stuff, Julio said "The poor kids are going to be so happy to get all of these toys!" I'm only keeping what will fit into our big storage ottoman in front of our couch and then I have a bookshelf full of bins in our playroom that will hold stuff. I feel so free!! I'll have to post some pictures when I'm done.
Love you all!

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